Beijing Haijiang Holding Group Co., Ltd.
Into the Haijiang

Beijing Haijiang Holdings Group Limited (Haijiang Group), headquartered in Tongzhou District, Beijing, is a comprehensive enterprise group with safety and environmental protection technology industry as its leading business. It has two wholly-owned subsidiaries, Haijiang Environmental Protection Industry Group and Haijiang Technology Group, and its industries cover four business sectors: safety, environmental protection, science and technology, and finance, with businesses in 15 provinces and cities across China. It has already set up a good long-term cooperation relationship with more than 40 central and state-owned enterprises. The Group has a large number of independent intellectual property rights and core technologies, and has obtained 4 national invention patents, 5 new utility patents and 14 software copyrights. For a long time, the Group has consciously taken up the political responsibility of ecological construction, vigorously developed circular economy, adhered to the concept of safety and environmental protection. The Group has deeply implemented the national "double carbon" strategy, empowered industrial development with science and technology, promoted green development with innovation, and actively promoted the upgrading of industrial structure. With its advanced technology advantage and rich experience, the Group has grown into a leading enterprise in comprehensive environmental management. In the future, the Group will continue to enhance new advantages in environmental protection, promote high-quality green development, and write a new chapter of a beautiful world in the new era.

  • Safety

    Beijing Yanhua Engineering Construction Co.is a participating stock company of Haijiang Group. It’s one of the experienced large petrochemical engineering construction enterprises in China.

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  • Environmental Protection

    Beijing Construction Engineering Resources and Haijiang Technology Development Co.was jointly funded by Beijing Construction Industry Group and Haijiang Group.

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  • Technology

    Beijing Zhonghaijiang Intelligence Technology Co.is a holding subsidiary founded by Haijiang Group in cooperation with Hongfu Group.

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  • Finance

    Haijiang (Shenzhen) Environmental Protection Investment Group Co.is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Haijiang Group.

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Project case

Beijing Oriental Chemical Plant Project

Beijing Oriental Chemical Plant was founded in 1978, covering an area of 1.28 million㎡. It had 1,847 employees and the original value of fixed assets is 4.8 billion RMB. With the upgrading of Beijing's industries and the construction of Beijing's urban sub-center, it has become part of the "two belts, one ring, one center" greening layout. The project was completed in October 2017.

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Beijing CRRC Plant No. 27

The plant covers an area of 50 hectares. On September 16, 2018, the company entered the construction site, with the aim of building a world-class ice and snow sports training base,carrying out demolition construction and resourceful disposal of demolition waste. The company's efforts in environmental protection and integrated technology of "intelligent demolition and waste resource disposal" have been unanimously recognized and praised by the State General Administration of Sports and the industry.

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Yanshan Petrochemical Equipment Dismantling

Yanshan Petrochemical Company, which belongs to Sinopec Group, was founded in 1967 and has 63 sets of production units. It is one of the 12 10-million-ton refineries and 10 large-scale ethylene units of Sinopec. By the end of 2020, the company had processed 356 million tons of crude oil and produced 24,255,800 tons of ethylene. This project dismantles a total of more than 4,000 tons of copper benzene unit and 900 tons of propane unit.

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Tianjin Petrochemical Equipment Dismantling

The whole plant covers an area of 180,000㎡. The facilities that have been demolished includes: finished product tank area, new PO tank area, EO tank area, new nitrogen station and other large area plant supporting facilities and main buildings. The construction period was 130 days, and the entire demolition project was fully handled with intelligence, which improved the efficiency of the construction and personnel safety.

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Zhongjie Petrochemical Equipment Dismantling

On February 26, 2019, the project utilized an advanced intelligent command platform to carry out intelligent demolition construction of gas cabinets and vapor extraction units in the old plant area. The application of the firefighting robot not only greatly reduces the workload of personnel, but also independently determines the actual dangerous situation source for data collection, processing, transmission feedback and fire extinguishing through its self-contained functions.

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